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The difference in Tauck's small ship cruising lies in the choreography of the total cruise experience – the combination of personalized cruising with cultural land exploration. How you spend your days ashore – where you go, what you do, who you meet – that's the Tauck difference. From the moment you step ashore, our 85 years of expertise on land ensures that every moment of your shore excursions (all included in the price) count!

Smaller ships hold fewer passengers, which means more personal attention from the captain and the crew – you'll find the on-board atmosphere to be both club-like and comfortable. The pace is more relaxed, the conversations are richer, and the day-to-day experiences are shared with like-minded travelers. Small ship cruising rewards guests with everlasting connections to people and places that makes a Tauck cruise vacation a transformational experience that rekindles your love of travel.

From Latin America to Europe, explore hidden harbors, secluded islands, and exclusive ports of call; small ship cruising focuses on cultural exploration and natural history in must-see destinations or unusual locales that are off-the-beaten track. You’ll cruise with Tauck Directors and destination experts – naturalists, historians, ornithologists, or other specialists – who enhance your experience both on and off the ship. And with all shore excursions included, you’ll enjoy truly inclusive value that is virtually unequaled!

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Tauck Cruises in North America

Grand Alaska aboard Princess Grand Alaska aboard Princess
Combine a weeklong Princess cruise through glacier-strewn waterways with a visit to Denali National Park, rail trips, a floatplane tour, rafting in a bald eagle reserve, a sled dog experience and much more on this unforgettable Alaska travel adventure.
Tauck Cruises in Europe

Istanbul & the   Black Sea

Istanbul & the Black Sea

Explore a treasure trove of historic sites in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey on a 7-night Black Sea cruise aboard the small ship Le Levant, plus three nights at a luxury hotel in Istanbul.

Mediterranean   Discovery

Mediterranean Discovery

From France's glamorous Côte d'Azur to Spain's Costa Brava and lovely Majorca, a magical cruise aboard the sporty yacht Le Ponant sails to some of the trendiest destinations on the Mediterranean.

Venice & the Dalmatian Coast

Venice & the Dalmatian Coast

One of Europe's most popular destinations is Croatia's Dalmatian Coast; cruise and tour aboard the new yacht Le Boreal, taking in castles, palaces, and cultural treasures on Tauck's Croatia tour that begins in Venice and explores UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Dubrovnik, the walled city of Kotor, and Diocletian's Palace.

Treasures of the Aegean

Treasures of the Aegean

From the Parthenon to the Blue Mosque, see classical antiquities and UNESCO World Heritage Sites on an Aegean Sea and Greek Island cruise that features memorable hotel stays in Athens and Istanbul.

Cruising   Mediterranean Shores

Cruising Mediterranean Shores

The highlights of the Western Mediterranean Sea are explored aboard Le Levant on a 13-day journey that includes Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, Sicily, Tunisia, Palma de Majorca, Naples, and the ruins of Pompeii, plus two nights on land in glorious Rome.

Iceland: Land of   Fire and Ice

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

This exciting 7-night cruise aboard the award-winning yacht Le Boreal, explores cosmopolitan Reykjavik, picturesque fishing villages and a remote island farm amidst the incomparable natural wonders found in Iceland. See fjords ringed by mountains; stroll atop black lava landscapes; view sulphur fields, glaciers, spouting geysers and majestic waterfalls; and soak in a thermally heated lagoon.

St. Petersburg &   the Baltic Sea

St. Petersburg & the Baltic Sea

Witness the legendary accomplishments of the Vikings to the historic legacies of the czars as you cruise Russia and Scandinavia through the Baltic Sea aboard Le Boreal; explore treasured sites in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tallinn.

Sicily, the Amalfi   Coast & Rome

Sicily, the Amalfi Coast & Rome

Tauck's Italy cruise aboard the yacht Le Ponant is complemented by a land stay in Rome featuring a Tauck Exclusive - an after-hours visit to the Vatican Museums! See the historic sights of Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Malta, Rome and the remote Aeolian Isles on this 11-day journey.

Treasures of the   Mediterranean

Treasures of the Mediterranean

Tauck's 11-day journey features a week-long Mediterranean cruise aboard Le Ponant to Corsica, Sicily, and Malta, plus the islands of Lipari, Ponza, and Stromboli - and takes in the Côte d'Azur, Monte-Carlo and the Amalfi Coast.

Tauck Cruises in Latin America

Peru and the   Galápagos Islands

Peru and the Galápagos Islands

From the "Lost City" of Machu Picchu, to legends of the Spanish Conquistadors and the amazing wildlife of the Galápagos Archipelago, Tauck's Peru tour and Galápagos cruise aboard Isabela II is without comparison.

The Panama Canal   & Costa Rica

The Panama Canal & Costa Rica

An 11-day journey, including a 6-night cruise aboard the stylishly chic, yacht-like Le Levant, explores ecological diversity on a Costa Rica tour, pristine islands in the Pacific and Caribbean, and remote villages - and traverses the entire length of the magnificent Panama Canal on this Costa Rica tour and Panama Canal cruise.



The ultimate Antarctica travel experience! Cruise aboard Tauck's luxury yacht, Le Boreal or L'Austral, to the majestic ice-clad continent of Antarctica after spending two nights in Buenos Aires on an exciting 10-day expeditionary voyage with on-board naturalists, oceanographers and ornithologists. Discover a spectacular world of glaciers, wildlife and arctic adventurers on private Tauck shore excursions and enjoy shipboard amenities that ensure your cruising comfort.

Galápagos: Wildlife   Wonderland

Galápagos: Wildlife Wonderland

Family FYI: Did you know - the Galápagos Penguin can survive so close to the Equator because the Humboldt current brings in cold waters from the Antarctic. Discover wildlife found nowhere else in the world during this exceptional family Galápagos tour including a 4-night cruise aboard M/V Santa Cruz.

Galápagos: Wildlife   Wonderland - Holiday Departures - 2011

Galápagos: Wildlife Wonderland - Holiday Departures - 2011

Family FYI: Did you know that the Galápagos Islands' huge Waved Albatross needs a head start to get itself flying? A special 11-day holiday departure of our family Galápagos island adventure - on December 14 and 24 - features an expanded 7-night cruise aboard M / V Santa Cruz.

Tauck's Sailing/Power Yachts
Tauck's small ships are all personally selected, hand-picked for their comfort, style and reliability; they are the best in their regions. All are spacious, graciously appointed and well-equipped for cruising to remote destinations. Small ships go where larger vessels can't – and your vantage point is at all times close up, never far away or high up. The attentive staff on board each ship is well-trained in the art of hospitality, providing personalized attention throughout your cruise. Ensuring an extraordinary travel experience both on and off the ship is a hallmark of Tauck's small ship cruising.

Smaller ships hold fewer passengers, which means more personal attention from the captain and the crew. Enjoy an exclusive, club-like atmosphere on board; it's relaxed travel, with no crowds and no lines. Dress is comfortable, unassuming and casual. The pace is unhurried. Your surroundings are gracious, the service has style, and the atmosphere is both easygoing and congenial – all the right ingredients to make it easy to foster new friendships throughout your cruise. You know instantly that you are a welcomed guest.

Le Boreal

Le Boreal

Itinerary:  Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice, Venice & the Dalmatian Coast or St. Petersburg & the Baltic Sea

Le Boreal, a sleek new yacht launching in May 2010, is small enough to provide a truly intimate cruise experience; her size makes her ideally suited for visiting ports in the Adriatic, the Baltics and along the coast of Iceland that bigger ships can't reach.

Le Ponant

Le Ponant

Itinerary: Mediterranean Discovery, Treasures of the Mediterranean or Sicily, the Amalfi Coast & Rome

Le Ponant, a three-masted schooner, cruises to small islands, hidden harbors and exclusive ports of call in the Mediterranean with only 60 guests aboard. She was specially designed for cruising to remote destinations  that are accessible only by small ship.

Le Levant

Le Levant

Itinerary: Istanbul & the Black Sea,  Cruising Mediterranean Shores or The Panama Canal & Costa Rica

Le Levant sets a new standard in small-ship cruising and is ideally suited for cruising the Panama Canal, ancient Black Sea ports and exclusive ports along the Mediterranean Sea. With only 90 passengers, she is gracious in design and on-board ambiance.

Tauck's Expedition Vessels
The casual atmosphere of Tauck's expeditionary vessels offers an ideal setting for the art of "conversation"  that is conducive to the very nature of exploratory cruising, providing a special camaraderie with fellow explorers. Expedition vessels are designed to navigate coastal waterways, island channels, and narrow inlets with graceful ease, exploring some of nature's most impressive habitats. They are designed to take you on adventures in off-the-beaten-path destinations, where landings on many days will be aboard Zodiac-style rafts that necessitate a "wet landing" to reach the shore. Expedition and naturalist guides aboard the vessels share their knowledge with guests and enrich their travels with perspectives on everything from botany to geology.

Isabela II

Itinerary: Peru & the Galápagos Islands

Sleek in style, Isabela II is an expeditionary-style motor yacht in the Galápagos Islands with only 40 guests aboard. She boasts a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and is known for superior service; naturalist guides lead natural history excursions on the islands.


M/V Santa Cruz

Itinerary: Galapagos: Wildlife Wonderland (Family Travel)

The only ship ever built exclusively for Galápagos cruising, the M/V Santa Cruz deserves its excellent reputation for outstanding service, a highly skilled and friendly crew, informative professional naturalists, and delightful dining with menus featuring both international and Ecuadorian cuisine.